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 5 km away


The Montierneuf dovecote is one of the most beautiful Renaissance-style dovecotes in the commune of Saint-Agnant. Built in the early 16th century, its architecture is unique and richly ornamented.

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 8 km away

echillais 1

Built in the 12th century, it is one of the most famous Romanesque churches to have made the Saintonge region famous. Its elegant apse and seigniorial chapels are equally remarkable.
Its richly ornate and sculpted portal was restored in 2011.

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The Transporter Bridge

8km away

Today, there are still 8 transporter bridges in the world. The one linking Echillais to Rochefort is the only one still standing in France, making this monument a unique site. Not for nothing was it awarded 3rd place in the “French people’s favorite monument 2022” poll.
Inaugurated on July 29, 1900, it remained in service until 1967. After a long period of neglect, the Transporter Bridge was reopened to pedestrians and cyclists in 1994. It closed between 2016 and July 2020 for renovation work. Crossings will resume on July 29, 2020, its 120th birthday. 
Whether on foot or by bike, get on board!

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 Saint Jean d’Angle Castle

11km away

chateau st jean d'angle

1180: a stone fortified castle is built at Saint-Jean- d’Angle. Guillaume de Lusignan is reputed to be its founder. He belonged to one of the most powerful families in Poitou, and owed his fame and wealth to a fairy: Mélusine.

In the 12th century, the region was undergoing rapid economic development. In this coastal area bordered by the Baconais forest to the east, land clearing went hand in hand with the development of salt marshes to the west. Around Saint Jean d’Angle, numerous abbeys had already been established for more than a century. In order to benefit from the economic windfall, secular lords came to establish their seigneuries by building castles. Saint Jean d’Angle castle is the only surviving example from this period.

From 1406 to the 17th century, the castle remained the property of the Saint-Gelais family, a younger branch of the Lusignan family. The dwelling built next to the original rampart dates back to the Renaissance.

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18 km away

brouage-2_0  brouage

Between Rochefort and Oléron Island, Brouage extends over 3,000 hectares, most of which is covered by marshland offering an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

Founded in 1555 by Jacques de Pons for the salt trade, Brouage soon became one of the largest ports on the Atlantic coast. Pierre d’Argencourt was commissioned by Richelieu to build the fortifications. Brouage was classified as a Great National Site in 1989.
Discover the history of Samuel Champlain, navigator and royal cartographer, who was born in Brouage and founded Quebec City in 1608.



à14 km away

Hermione   Promenade-de-la-Corderie-Royale4

A Town of Art and History, it offers a heritage that is unique in the world, including the Royal Rope Factory, the Hermione shipyard, the dry docks, the former naval medical school, the Naval Hospital and the Jardin des Retours. The Musée National de la Marine, housed in a private mansion in Cheusses, gives visitors an insight into this maritime history.  

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à 25 km

Located at the mouth of the Charente river, the Fouras-les-bains peninsula stretches over 4 kilometres with its five fine sandy beaches and three harbours, protected from heavy swells by the islands of Aix, Oléron and Ré. Planted with holm oaks and pines, it offers visitors a green and relaxing setting. Fouras-les-Bains has been a seaside resort since 1850, and the sea-bathing craze of the 19th century helped make it a major tourist centre in Charente-Maritime.

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Port des Barques

 20 km away


Situated on a headland at the mouth of the Charente, Port des Barques is one of the rare maritime sites where you can still find peace and quiet and admire an exceptional landscape. The coastline offers a varied and well-preserved environment (classified site since 1998): sandy beaches, cliffs, mudflats and a seawater reservoir that is accessible at all times for swimming.

You can see the Charente islands of Oléron, Madame, Aix and Ré all in the same panoramic view. It’s also a window onto the Charente’s channels.

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Ile Madame

 20 km away

Situated in the Charente estuary, in the tourist municipality of Port-des-Barques, Madame Island covers an area of around 70 hectares. At low tide, it is “attached” to the mainland by a 1km natural tombolo known as the “Passe aux Boeufs”, which is extended out to sea by a rocky plain known as the “Passe aux Filles”. It is accessible at low tide, preferably on foot or by bicycle. It is a fragile area that must be respected and protected. At the highest point of the island, 18 metres above mean sea level, the fortified complex of Ile Madame, covering an area of 4.4 hectares, has been entrusted to the Coastal Protection Agency (Conservatoire du Littoral). From the seventeenth century onwards, this fort made the island a link in the defence system of the coastline, the Charente estuary and the Rochefort Arsenal. You can visit the fort in the company of a guide from the Port-des-Barques Ecomuseum.

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Panloy castle

 21 km away


The current château, built between 1770 and 1772 for the Baron de Saint-Dizant, is U-shaped. The façade is centred on an overhanging triangular pediment sculpted with the family crest, which was added during major extension and embellishment works undertaken around 1870 by the Marquis Gaston de Grailly, who stayed at the castle.

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Crazannes castle

20 km away


Listed as a Historic Monument, Crazannes Castle was built in the 14th century on the site of a former feudal castle. Its nickname of “Château du Chat Botté” (Puss in Boots) dates back to the 17th century, when it was owned by Jules Gouffier, Count of Caravaz. This eminent figure inspired Charles Perrault to create the Marquis de Carabas, Master of Puss in Boots in his famous tale.

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La Roche-Courbon castle

à 15 km away

la roche

Built in the 15th century on a rocky spur, La Roche Courbon castle was transformed into a pleasure residence in the 17th century by the Marquis Jean-Louis de Courbon. From the Renaissance terrace, a staircase leads up to the formal gardens, which end in a magnificent perspective. Discover a fully furnished, inhabited château with Saintonge-style rooms.
In 2004, the Château de la Roche Courbon was awarded the State label “Remarkable Gardens”.
The castle and gardens are also listed as Historic Monuments.


27 km away

saintes 2saintes 1

Mediolanum Santonum, now known as Saintes, was first developed by the Romans. Situated on the Agrippa road that linked it to Lyon, it still preserves the remains of a prestigious Roman city! In the 10th century, Christian fervour transformed the Saintonge valley, dotting it with Romanesque buildings featuring magnificent sculptures. Even today, Saintes is an important stopover for pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

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Oléron island

27 km away


The Marennes-Oléron region stretches along more than 100 kilometres of coastline. A large part of this coastal strip is home to numerous beaches. With their fine white sand, small dunes and waves that are often present when the tide rises, these vast expanses are ideal for lazing around and taking part in sporting activities, especially for board sports enthusiasts. If you want to get away from it all, a short walk is all you need to find some peace and quiet.

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34 km away


Royan has many assets, not least the quality and variety of its architecture, with its “Belles Epoque” villas and 50s town planning, unique in Europe. ROYAN is a lively resort, with a range of sporting and cultural activities for all generations, a thalassotherapy institute and a casino to help you relax, as well as numerous events throughout the year.

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