Contemporary art exhibitions 2024



Catherine Gillet, Jana Lottenburger, Isabel Mouttet, Anne Paulus

From the 16 february to 26 may 2024

Four visual artists combine their approaches in this exhibition at the Tiray Abbey contemporary art center. Memory, time and traces are at the heart of these artists’ concerns and questions.
Catherine Gillet, Jana Lottenburger, Isabel Mouttet and Anne Paulus offer visitors to the Trizay Abbey a journey through works that echo each other, with the aim of bringing them to feel the profound link between past and present.
The prints, drawings, ceramics, volumes and installations presented here, most of which were created for the occasion, interact with each other and with the architecture of the site, from which emanates the silent presence of the monks who once lived there.

Catherine Gillet

In Catherine Gillet’s work, everything is in motion, everything is in suspense: forms clash or vanish, asserting themselves as snatches, traces and disintegration. Space and time are a thing of the past. Organic and mineral combine in a quest to become one with the infinite.

Catherine Gilet is a visual artist, graduated from Orléans art school in 1984. Early on, burin engraving structured her artistic career, which is essentially divided between burin engraving and drawing.

She is a member of the main contemporary printmaking associations

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Jana Lottenburger

Born in Germany in 1975, Jana Lottenburger has lived and worked in the Basque Country since 2004. The focus of her research is on our way of being in the world, with its often obsolete or contradictory reference points.
A multidisciplinary artist, she is developing a collection of engravings, hybrid objects and installations, incorporating materials found in her immediate environment. The aim is to map a universe that is being built somewhere between imaginary worlds, hopes and real-life stories, to explore the processes of transformation, and to reveal the beauty of what is possible.
A long-time self-taught artist, teacher and trainer of printmaking , she obtained her DNSEP in Visual Arts in 2022, with honors. Her work is exhibited in France and abroad, and can be found in numerous public and private collections.

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Isabel Mouttet

Isabel Mouttet’s minimalist works write silence. Between rigor and geometry, her etchings combine in series with compositions of simple elements. Influenced by Japan, she transcribes its memory in etchings where emptiness takes on its full importance. After her training as an architect and an introduction to Chinese calligraphy, engraving enabled her to link these two experiences, thanks to the special feeling created by working with a burin. Like an architect’s project, a burin engraving is composed stroke by stroke, with great emphasis on emptiness. Like the Chinese “single brushstroke”, each chisel stroke can play with variations in nuance. She has taken part in numerous major biennials and triennials in France and abroad, including Armenia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Spain, Egypt, the United States and Japan.

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Anne Paulus

Crédits - Romain Paulus

“Anne Paulus’ work differs from that expressed on a support: sheet, board, plate or wall. For her, the material is the message. To cover it is to hide it, to lose sight of it. What interests her is what’s underneath. Before the word. You have to pierce the crust, cross it, go under the mantle and reach the core. From the core, the seed germinates, and so on. (…) So it crosses our world, through the middle, from its central fire to the ether that envelops it. Journey into matter, landscapes
before language, of an era that defies memory in the silences of gesture and matter
pure sensations that only art can convey.
account for.” Michel Melot

A 2003 graduate of the École des Beaux-arts de Versailles, the visual artist hasnever stopped to develop her artistic horizons, which were sharpened by her travels to Japan.
She has built up a profound, rich and protean body of work in the fields of
artist’s book, but also in ceramics. Her work is
is regularly exhibited in France and abroad.

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Frédérique Bouet and Annabelle Joussaume

From May 30 to September 01, 2024

Getting lost in the infinitely large or the infinitely small

Physical wandering

Inner journey

From terrestrial to celestial

Glimpses of constellations in fragments of the world

Galaxies in the crashing waves

Tilting in a reflection of sky

And in a mysterious sense of unity

To approach the stars

Pieces of eternity

And lose yourself…

Frédérique Bouet

In the digital age, photography plays with borders and gaps. It emancipates itself and becomes an object of crossbreeding. I explore this porosity and reinvent a new relationship with time, memory, reality and the imaginary.


My work is essentially inspired by nature, paying homage to its different elements: sky, water and earth.


I try to experiment with transparency, weightlessness and blur.


My entire photographic practice is permeated by an Asian aesthetic, echoing Japan in its refined graphics and quest for balance.


The creative process of my images is akin to the process of remembering, mixing, condensing and superimposing different images, just as memory records different temporalities: the past, that the present, the memory that is prolonged in the perception of the present moment, and the imagination.


“It takes the memory of many moments to make a complete memory.” – Gaston Bachelard


My work often consists of series. It proceeds from collection, accumulation and juxtaposition. It functions like so many little memories, fragments of time recorded and superimposable.

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Annabelle Joussaume

Annabelle Joussaume’s works are made up of impressions felt during her wanderings, encounters and navigations. They raise questions about man’s relationship with nature. This nature that allows us to feel beauty, to feel part of the waltz of the elements.

Like a journey from the microcosm to the macrocosm, linked in a single, ever-changing movement.

Like a look that invites us to consider the interconnection that exists between all things.

His work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad.

“Is it sometimes possible to become the wind that blows through us?” – M Lowry

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"Time stands still..."
Dominique Jarty et Chris Ropert

September 11 to November 11, 2024

Dominique Jarty

My practice is organized around the material, the sheet, a recycled fabric. Much more than a support, it is the container of the work.

Each sheet contains a pre-existing human story. That of the hands that folded them. That of the bodies that rubbed and caressed them. Those times of life shared between sheets and bodies.

Little by little, in the folds and stretches, in the flow of color, I inscribe other stories that once again bring the fabric to light.

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Chris Ropert

As a visual artist and art teacher, I’m interested in questions of circulation, fluidity and openness, creating installation paintings.

I conceive my creations as light, portable, that you can take with you like a friend. My creations play with the bodies of spectators; they question scale and space, taking up walls, floors and ceilings without hierarchy. They decompartmentalize traditional genres – sculpture, painting, drawing – by titillating our senses as much as theirs.

I try to touch on a kind of obviousness, and to transmit this obviousness through installation.

There, right on the ground, something obvious would happen, something welcoming in the first sense of the word, something that grabs us.

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